At Interiors by Elizabeth, are committed to offering goods of the highest quality at the best price. To ensure this, we have introduced the Low Price Guarantee Program which allows you get our products at an unbeatable price. 

How does it work? 

    • Step 1: Send an email to with the following information:
      • Your order number
      • A screenshot of the ad or the website address or URL where you found the lower price (with the date/ timestamp)
      • The item name, and the item code/ product number.
    • Step 2: Our Customer Service team will confirm and counter-verify request. Once approved, expect the exact amount of the difference to be refunded within a few business days.
    • Note: All requests must be made within 30 calendar days of purchase. Any requests made after 30 calendar days of purchase will not be processed.

    How are Refunds calculated 

    • Interiors by Elizabeth - Product A - $100
    • Company B - Product A - $60 (Promotional Price) [Regular Price: $90]
    • Company C - Product A - $80 (Regular Price)

    In this scenario, we will refund you [$100 (Regular Price by Interiors by Elizabeth) – $80 (Company C Regular Price)] = $20, (the regular comparable price difference).

    Note: Although Company B's prices was less than Company C's price, Company B's product was being sold at a promotional price which makes it ineligible for the program. The actual regular price of Company B is higher than that of Company C and is not taken into account.

    Important Points to Remember

    • The product must be identical to what is displayed on our website.
    • While calculating the difference of the refund amount only the regular retail price will be considered, any promotional or discounted price will not be taken into account.
    • The competitor must be within the United States and their products must be new.
    • Products labeled Clearance/ Promotions/ Discount on both the comparative website and Interiors by Elizabeth, will not be eligible for the Low Price Guarantee Program.
    • We reserve the right to not sell any products below our costs and to limit quantities as necessary.
    • We reserve the right to change any portion of this program at any time and without notice.